The 50th Nordic Seminar in Seismology

     Uppsala, Sweden 14 - 16 October 2019

The 50th Nordic Seminar in Seismology was made successful by the approximately 40 people who attended the meeting. For the anniversary program Ola Dahlman gave an inspiring talk on what can be achieved if you really set your mind to it. His talk was followed by interesting anecdotes, fun pictures and very serious observations through the 50 years of monitoring nuclear tests. Attendees where the usual blend of Nordic, and this year Baltic and German, seismic network operators, analysts, researchers and students. We also had the pleasure to welcome attendees from seismically interested industries. The program and abstracts can be found on the Program page.

The seminar was held at Eklundshof's conference center on the esker in Uppsala, see the Venue page for more information. We had the conference dinner at Heart & Bones, a much appreciated couple of hours.

Attendees at the 50th Nordic Seminar in Seismology

From left, lower row: Peter Voss, Tormod Kvaerna, Svein Mykkeltveit, Björn Lund, Hilmar Bungum, Ola Dahlman, Ragnar Slunga, Salóme Jórunn Bernharðsdóttir, Jan Michalek, Mary Muthoni Karanja. Middle row: Zeinab Jeddi, Kati Oinonen, Norunn Tjåland, Kristin Jónsdóttir, Trine Dahl Jensen, Carl Hellesen, Pasi Lindblom, Frederic Wagner, Berit Paulsen, Tomas Lehtimäki, Samar Amini, Toni Veikkolainen, Gintare Andriuskeviciene, Kuvvet Atakan, Berit Marie Storheim. Upper row: Axel Hammar, Michael Roth, Nicolai Rinds, Ólafur Gudmundsson, Tommi Vuorinen, Leif Persson, Jon Magnus Christensen, Behzad Oskooi, Michael Schieschke, Alex Hobé, Ari Tryggvason, Gunnar Eggertsson, Christian Weidle, Christian Schiffer, Niranjan Joshi. At the far back: Tuija Luhta.

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